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The Truth is Probably Somewhere In Between

Earlier this morning I wrote a long, incoherent post about being and single. I’ve had this damn cold for ages now but, contrary to the common logic that single people have no one to take care of them, I’ve been blessed with friends who have volunteered to come by and take care of me, over and over.  I’ve said no because I didn’t want anyone to catch this ridiculous cold.

Anyway, it was long and babbling because I really am not feeling well and my brain is all fuzzy.  Yeah, that’s my excuse. So, I decided not to post it.  Before I killed it, I took note of the posts that popped up at the bottom of the page, where it says, “You might like”.  One of them was, “When Independence Sucks.” And that post is all about how hard it is to be sick and single. And how, when I’m sick, I think it might be nice to have someone to take care of me. To deal with the insurance and the pharmacy and the cleaning, etc.

So which is true?  Well, the is probably somewhere in between. It would be pretty freaking awesome to have someone to help me manage my life when I’m dealing with serious health issues. That person could be a husband, but hell, that person could just as easily be a trusted personal assistant if I were lucky enough to be able to afford one. But I don’t really want to be nursed or tended to, even when I’m very sick. I kinda see that as an extra burden, having someone asking me if I’m alright every 25 minutes. I’d just rather be left alone with silly things to watch on tv/my laptop.  Or just, you know, be sick.

Here’s my final incoherent thought for the day:  I find it somewhat disturbing that so many folks out here in the blogosphere are more concerned with building their personal brands than telling real stories of their lives. Reality is messy and full of contradictions. But brand building requires consistency and repetition. I’ll stick with messy.

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8 to “The Truth is Probably Somewhere In Between”

  1. Cougel says:

    True dat Simone. Life (and joy) are found in the chaos. Feel better!

  2. Zoë says:

    I’ve been sick too, Simone, and the same thoughts have entered my mind many times (who would take care of me if I was *really* sick, like with cancer?). And I guess … my mom. 😉 And the friends who have dropped by with cold and flu medicine the last few days. And I’m so grateful for all of them. Until then, I’ll be reading and watching Hulu shows. :)

    Get better!

  3. Bron McClain says:

    I have found, sadly, that even when I was sick, my current man-folk, whoever he was at the time, we useless in tending to my fevered brow or my aching head. Pleas for hot soup or cool compresses fell on deaf ears. I don’t believe it was because they didn’t care, I reckon it’s more that they just didn’t have a clue. Then of course, there’s all the cleaning up that’s still waiting for you when you get better, because the blokes haven’t done it. Great blog, I’m a newbie but will enjoy reading further. Bron x

  4. Lara says:

    I’m not sick, but my grandmother just died, and for some reason these types of losses always remind me of how single I am. Sometimes I just want to take a break from being the strong one, ya know? But in reality, I’m not sure having a partner would allow me do that either. I think I’m hard-wired.

    Feel better, lady.

  5. LadyD says:

    Ohh, I can so relate. Was out sick for 4 days last week – unpaid, unfortunately as I have next to no sick time – Grrr . . . so will be short $600-some odd bux next payday. *sigh* Had to wait until Friday to go get food, as I was too miserable to leave the house. Days like that are when I wish I had a partner, to at least go get me some more half-n-half for my tea.
    Foo. I’ve only had one or two guys in the past who were worth a shit when I was sick; almost married one when I was 25, but he was an older pot-head, and I knew that just wouldn’t have worked. As I’m now 44, I do think about being older and alone, and . . . it just terrifies me. Well, I at least have a *hot* date tomorrow, so one never knows? Here’s hoping you’re on the mend, and that you’ll meet someone wonderful soon! Love this blog – it calms me so many nights.

  6. Date says:

    I agree with you on that, reality is better.

  7. Ellen Smith says:

    Funny but this is true..
    I may not be sick right now but reading this remind me of how single I am.
    there are days where I just feel so sad and I wanted to cry with no reason at all, I don’t know maybe I was destined to be on my own but how I wish I could one day find someone I could be with, I just long for that feeling of loving and being loved in return…
    :( Glad to know though that I am not alone.

  8. IntrigueMe says:

    I never wanted to “brand” myself when I started blogging. To be honest, I didn’t even know I *could*. (I’m still figuring out how all of this works)… but somewhere along the way I felt as though I was branding myself as the ultimate independent single girl, and I started to feel like I was a blogging contradiction every time I wanted to write about being lonely. So, I wrote a post called “A Blogging Contradiction” as a guest post for Jolene… and I was really surprised to see all of the responses from people who completely understood. It definitely makes me feel a lot better on those days when I don’t feel like the ultimate independent single chick. I can keep being open on my blog and people won’t think I’m a phony.