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Lose the Guy, Keep the Jewelry

Random: It comes up quite often – my complete inability to accessorize. I’ve never really been able to pull it off. Back when my career was very corporate-y, I had a (friendly, trying to be helpful) colleague tell me that I’d look more professional AND feminine if I wore jewelry. So I went out and bought a lot of very small, cheap, barely noticeable earrings and necklaces. All very un-bling and boring.

Anyway, that was a million years ago and I haven’t worn any of that jewelry in ages. In recent years, I’m almost always seen wearing a single pendant. Not always the same one. I have a small collection. I bought the first one myself, and several since. And others have been purchased as gifts.

A couple by men.

Smart men who knew me well enough (or who were observant enough) to see that I wear pendants all of the time and so, I must really like them. BTW, one of my golden rules of is: lose the , chuck his stuff, KEEP THE JEWELRY!

I’m new-pendant-less this year. I haven’t bought any for myself (I tend to buy them when I’m out of town, to remind me of the trip) and haven’t had any real boyfriends all year.

So, that’s what I’m putting on my Xmas wish list. A guy who’ll buy me a pendant. Not because I can’t buy my own damn pendant. But because I want a guy who likes me enough to want to, and who knows me well enough to know what I’d like.

Speaking of which…

I took a quick browse through the store this morning and this one caught my eye. Very LBD appropriate. I don’t know, though, there were lots of others I liked, too.

As luck would have it, the good folks over at are running a special and family promotion for my readers (and the readers of some other amazing sites). You get $20 to spend on virtually everything in the store + free shipping in time for Christmas. Just enter FRNDS at checkout. Seriously, you get $20 to spend on virtually everything in the store + free shipping in time for Christmas. Offer ends 12/31/10.

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5 to “Lose the Guy, Keep the Jewelry”

  1. Terry says:

    I hope Santa is good to you

  2. Charlotte says:

    I like this. I have actually returned a few necklaces that were given to me by exes, but mostly because I needed the money and didn’t want the reminder. I see nothing wrong with holding on to this jewelry or wearing it again.

    And what a great promo! Will have to check that out, thanks :) Hope 2011 brings all good things for you!

  3. Audrey says:

    Sponsored posts must include a disclaimer that that’s what they are. I don’t think this is FTC-compliant.