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Older and Wiser

So the other day I posted this video by Garfunkel and Oates to my page. People seemed to like it.

Some of you might have missed it. Either because facebook is actually not a great way to share info (duh) or because we’re not facebook friends. What? How can that be?

Seriously, I hate facebook and think I’m probably a crappy fb friend. I post/check in sporadically and only rarely post anything actually personal. Plus, I refuse to use it for the one truly useful purpose that facebook serves – birthdays.

Face it, since facebook, most of us just count on the fb gods telling us our friend’s/family’s birthdays. So much easier than remembering or god forbid actually usually a calendar.

But not me. I took my off of facebook last year. Which was interesting.

Last year I reminded a few people about it. Made some mellow plans. This year I told no one (it was a lil while ago) and a few friends and family called, texted, mailed… and a friend insisted on taking me out to dinner even though it was an inconvenient weeknight. No tweets and fb wall messages from dozens of people I barely know(which always seemed a poor substitute for something more substantial). But then, after it passed, some friends were somewhat upset that I hadn’t reminded them.

Anyway, I’m kinda hoping that now that they’ve gone public, they’ll go bust. Down with the evil Facebook empire. Up with people calling friends and saying hi. And sharing stuff on blogs and twitter.

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2 to “Older and Wiser”

  1. Samira Setty says:

    Absolutely correct with you and hope making friend is more easier than any social media.

  2. Hennie says:

    You are so right about FB and it’s uses. I wonder how many users just accepted friends they not even know on their accounts and now get reminded about their birthdays and events. It just seem such a “schlep” to do some maintenance on once account and remove the “Friends” you so redely accepted.
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