Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

About Me

I’m a writer and social media consultant in New York City.  This is my blog.

Lots of people would consider me a dating blogger, but I don’t like that label. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a dating blogger. Or a relationship expert.  Or dating guru.  Any of that stuff.  I know some dating bloggers and they’re fabulous people.  Really!

I’m just not a big fan of labels. And the second you label me a dating blogger there are all of these assumptions that come with it. And rules. Things I’m supposed to do or not do.  I’m not OK with that.

I started this blog in the summer of 2008 as a way to have an alternative outlet for my creativity.  My writing career was at a standstill and I was dying for an audience (any writer who tells you they don’t want an audience is lying).  Friends had been suggesting, for years, that I write about dating.  I’ve always been a prolific dater and had plenty of dating stories to share, so I went with it.  And blogging seemed like a great way to find an audience.

So I started to blog about my dating life. My intention was never to become a dating guru or a relationship expert. I just wanted to tell stories that people would enjoy reading.  Real stories about dating and relationships.

As the blog grew I found myself occasionally writing about topics other than dating.  Some of these might fall under “women’s issues”, and others as “living single” (if you were just dying to slap labels on them).  I wouldn’t be surprised if I continue to expand my subject area.  It’s a big world out there with lots of interesting things to write about.

*Note:  My pen name is Simone Grant. I started the blog as SINgleGIRL and then ‘named’ myself Simone Grant when I realized how much easier it would be to develop a brand WITH a name. I’ve written openly about the fact that Simone Grant is a pen name, many times.

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