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The Longer I Wait…

First, some housekeeping. Yes, it’s been a longass time. I make no claims about the near or distant future. I may get back into blogging. Or I may not. Either way, it would be wrong to say I’m turning over a new leaf or re-committing to this. One day at a time. Oh, and I’m […]
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The Middle Ages

I am 42. Forty fucking two.  Sometimes I have to check myself, do the math. I was born in 1970 and it’s 2012 2013… so I must be 42. As unreal as that seems. I’ve been having MAJOR issues lately, re my age and aging.  Each trip to the bathroom is stressful, as I’m forced […]
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Living with the Consequences

So I was having dinner with family, and friends of the family. ‘Tis the season. The night was going well enough. I’ve finally learned to hold my tongue and not take offense when people say offensive things. Just better to get along. A friend of the family asked if she could share a problem with […]

It’s Time

Happy Effing New Year. I’m not going to waste your time bitching about how crappy 2012 was, or making promises for the new year.  I’m done with that.  I just wanted to check in, because it’s been a long while. And to say that I’ve missed you. Missed the part of myself who blogs regularly […]
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Deserve’s Got Nothing To With It

I guess I shouldn’t admit this, but I haven’t made much of an effort to keep up with my online life, lately.  That’s an understatement. It would be closer to say that I’ve done a piss-poor job of it. Days go by and I don’t read email (from personal/blog-related accounts) or check twitter/facebook/etc. I’ve just […]