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The time I may have gone out with a serial killer by Charlotte of My Pixie Blog

Please welcome Charlotte of My Pixie Blog as she shares an incredibly creepy story of the scariest man on Ladies, beware.  I feel guilty for a lot of things most people would probably not think twice about. Maybe I didn’t hold the door as long as I should have and then I curse myself for […]

Making Yourself Beautiful Takes Way More Than Just a Shiny Coat of Paint

Today’s guest post is written by Dennis Hong. A few years ago, I got sick of driving my thirteen-year-old car, but didn’t have the money to buy a new one. So, I took the $1,000 I had saved up and spent it on a brand new paint job, figuring that at least my old car […]

The true value of love?

The economic and chemical benefits of love. Kinda cool. via DailyDish Tags: love
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There’s a Fine Line Between Smart and Ass

Today’s guest post is written by Dennis Hong. As anyone who’s ever suffered through a bout of online dating knows, when you’re filling out your dating profile, you have to type in these little packets of personal information. One self-description that I invariably put down is that I can be a bit of a smart-ass. […]

Dating With Disabilities – Supersmart Conversation

First  – Thank you Thank you Thank you to Dennis for hanging out here and sharing his amazing stories with everyone. I’ve been reading (RSS y’all) and loving them. And resting and trying to take care of myself. Doing what I need to do and shit. I just wanted to poke my head in to […]