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I Won’t Work for Free (and neither should you)

This here is my “consulting,” blog which means it’s supposed to be dedicated to issues related to social media marketing. Not blogging. But sometimes those things overlap. So this post is going to be different.  More about the blogging end of things. As a blogger, I get something like 20 new pitches a week in […]
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Feed Your Readers

Last Sunday I decided to take a few hours to catch up on blog reading. Surf my old faves and see if there was anyone new out there worth checking out. And since I’ve been so busy lately, with work, I decided to subscribe to a bunch more of those sites. That way I’d have […]
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So You Want to Start a Blog?

I figured I’d end the summer with a blogging-related post. And OMG, can you believe the summer is already over?  Sorry couldn’t help myself. I took some time last week to check in on a bunch of the “new” bloggers who’ve started following me on twitter in the past few months. On any given week, […]
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The Power of One: Single Edition Media

There are a lot of different ways I could describe myself: Entrepreneur Home owner World traveller New Yorker Food lover/passionate cook Book geek Beauty addict But none of that seems to matter to advertisers. They look at me and see – Dater. Just dater. As a single blogger, the only advertisers who seem interested in me […]

Mommies Shouldn’t Have All the Fun

Blogher was a couple of weeks ago and WOW did the brands come out in force. It was amazing, for me, to see how many of the mommy bloggers (and I apologize to anyone who finds that term derogatory) have developed relationships with brands. Especially when you consider how few single bloggers have those kinds […]
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