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It’s an effective business strategy to NOT be an asshole.

I was talking with a brilliant friend, the entrepreneur and writer known as Jack from Brooklyn, about his new business. He was sharing some of the latest details with me, the trials and tribulations of a start up. At some point he told some specific story and it was clear that things could have gone […]
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The Stuff We Learn

A short story: Like most everyone else in the blogosphere, I get pitched a lot. Not as much as some folk, but more than others. Some of those pitches are just plain bad. Not worth skimming all the way through. Some are funny bad. Addressed to the wrong person and/or full of typos. Others may […]
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Advice You Should Ignore

Here’s something that most entrepreneurs won’t readily own up to… I fail as often as I succeed. Yep. I’ve had quite a few ideas/projects that completely bombed in the last few years. Some never made it out of development. Some were launched and were public failures. Big fat failures. I’ve lost plenty of money and […]
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