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Why old men wear high-waisted pants

Today’s guest post is written by Dennis Hong. We’ve all seen the stereotype before: Elderly man with khaki trousers up to his chest. Who hasn’t, right? Of course, whenever we see such an old man, we always shake our heads, smirk, and think, “Look at that old man. Look at his horrible fashion sense. Is […]

Got Dating Advice?

Today’s guest post is written by Dennis Hong. Do your friends always come to you for advice? Do you enjoy helping others? Or maybe you just love telling people what to do? If so, we’re running an advice-giving contest at LemonVibe, and we want you to show us what you’ve got! LemonVibe is a new […]

The Toe of the Elephant

Getting it together. Little by little. I promise. And look, I have a treat for you today. A guest post by the always fabulous Hilarity in Shoes. *** The Toe of the Elephant A story that isn’t about me, but could be. Nancy wasn’t too big on Thai food.  Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. […]

My Ex-Hookup T-Shirt Collection

Today’s guest post is by Kristen Nicole, dating coach and author of “The Single’s Survival Kit”, at She helps pull lonely singles out of their rut, and introduces them to real romance. My Ex-Hookup T-Shirt Collection I just finished taking a morning after shower with this guy I met last night. I’m standing in […]

The time I may have gone out with a serial killer by Charlotte of My Pixie Blog

Please welcome Charlotte of My Pixie Blog as she shares an incredibly creepy story of the scariest man on Ladies, beware.  I feel guilty for a lot of things most people would probably not think twice about. Maybe I didn’t hold the door as long as I should have and then I curse myself for […]