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The Middle Ages

I am 42. Forty fucking two.  Sometimes I have to check myself, do the math. I was born in 1970 and it’s 2012 2013… so I must be 42. As unreal as that seems. I’ve been having MAJOR issues lately, re my age and aging.  Each trip to the bathroom is stressful, as I’m forced […]
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Second Adolescence

I’ve often joked that the recently separated/divorced men I’ve dated seem to be going through a second adolescence.  After years of marriage, they embrace their newfound freedoms and well… sometimes act like teenagers. But this post isn’t about them. Nope, this is about me and my own second  adolescence (or maybe it’s my 3rd or […]

Perspective. Yeah That.

Had to share, even if it makes me queasy. I had a medical appointment with a new doctor. A second opinion I should have had long ago. Why didn’t I have it sooner? 1) I thought I was getting pretty good care 2) I did actually make this appointment MANY months ago. Getting in to […]

What If?

Hey kids, remember me? I have no excuses. Just a bunch of half assed, half finished posts. I just haven’t had my head in the right place for sharing. And this one’s gonna be short. I think. But then, I haven’t written it yet… There’s this theme that keeps popping up. In my life, the […]


Child-free. It’s one of those words that I just don’t feel comfortable using. Kinda like sex positive. It just doesn’t work for me. So even when it’s the most appropriate word for what I’m thinking, I probably won’t use it. Because, it’s just tangled up/weighted down with so much other stuff. Anyway, I’ve been intrigued […]