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“…at least as supportive as your bra”

I’ve been holding onto this tweet, by Ross Felix, aka @DatingRev, for over a week now.  I do that when I read things I like (and think I might want to write about).  I hold onto them until I have the time, or I’m properly inspired. I’ve been holding on to this, waiting until I […]
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We’ll Always Have Paris

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before. Sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself. But seriously, I’m pretty sure I’ve never told this story here, and apologize if I have. My memory really is for shit. Yesterday’s post, got me to thinking about this. It was the early 90s and I was living […]

Sometimes, the Truth Slips Out

The Conversation: @brooke_farmer:  @SimoneGrant It took me two and a half years before I felt ready to try another relationship. And I forgot in the meantime how to date. @SimoneGrant:  @brooke_farmer I fear I might have the opposite problem. I may have forgotten how to be in a relationship. Oopsie. @brooke_farmer:  @SimoneGrant I can’t even […]

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I have a new favorite TV show – Dexter (can you please not read too much into that, please). I’m always a few episodes or seasons behind with everything, but being so sick gave me plenty of time to catch up with my TV watching (seriously, I’ve pretty much run out of stuff I wanna […]

I am my own worst enemy

I’m still home, sick, exhausted and sick of being sick and exhausted.  It’s now clear to me and just about everyone I know that my own behavior over the past few weeks has caused this illness to be much, much worse than it would have been otherwise. I didn’t go to the doctor soon enough. […]