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The Truth is Probably Somewhere In Between

Earlier this morning I wrote a long, incoherent post about being sick and single. I’ve had this damn cold for ages now but, contrary to the common logic that single people have no one to take care of them, I’ve been blessed with friends who have volunteered to come by and take care of me, […]

“He’s not going to buy the cow if he can get the milk for free.”

I’ve been working on this post for the last few days.  Or rather, I’ve taken several stabs at it. I keep writing posts full of passion and conviction. None of which really belong here. The thing is, I have a stake in this fight.  But I try (TRY) to keep my temper in check and […]

Do You Have a Goal?

A couple of weeks ago I was at a daytime BBQ at a friend’s place (one of my favorite things about summer, rooftop BBQs) when one of the other guests started to get herself together to leave early.  She had a date and wanted to go home to change. As she was saying her goodbyes, […]

Looks Are Pass/Fail

As I mentioned, one of my recent dates was with a younger guy (8 years younger, to be exact).  I will admit to being uncomfortable with this, but I’m trying to be open-minded and get over it because I had fun on our date (and we’re going out again tonight). At some point on our […]


Main Entry: mile·stone Pronunciation: \ˈmī(-ə)l-ˌstōn\ Function: noun Date: 1662 1 : a stone serving as a milepost 2 : a significant point in development I’ve been thinking about (and writing about, but that’s for another time) milestones and the passage of time.  I’ve always tried hard not to get bogged down by the shoulds of […]