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The Power of Language

I’ve been unusually mum about the whole Marry Him drama.  There’s one main reason for this.  I haven’t read the damn book, yet. I’ve been insanely busy lately and truthfully, if I were going to make time to read (which sadly I haven’t had time to do in weeks) I would read something for pleasure. […]

Someone to Hold My Hair When I Puke

Pretty image, I know. OK, somewhere in the mess of old posts (I’m still trying to get those under control, delete duplicates and clean up dead links/find the correct links – and yeah today was my deadline and YES I know that means I’m officially missing my deadline) is something I wrote a while ago […]

The Worst Great Date Ever Redux

He didn’t call back.  I didn’t call him.  I stayed off the dating site yesterday, all day (which meant ignoring other messages), because I didn’t want him to see that I’d logged on but didn’t send him a message. I wanted to talk about what happened with a friend because, honestly, I really was confused […]

It’s Only Dating…

OK first. This blog is seriously pissing me off. I had a poll written for today. But I can’t make it look or be the way I want. I guess that’s going to be the next big thing on my “to do” list (it’s a long fuckin list). Sorry, this move is just so stressful. […]

Am I Intimidating or Are You Intimidated?

Recently Kelli Lawless did a great post on her blog around the idea that certain women were considered intimidating men (and why that might be). I commented with my 2 cents and have been interested to see how the comment stream evolved. One of the reasons I found this post particularly compelling was its timing. […]