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Yes, I’m Really Excited About This

Weirdest intro ever. Just saying. In advance. I live in my head. OK. I live in a smallish one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Alone. And I work at home. Alone. That’s my physical reality. But really, I live IN. MY. HEAD. All that alone time doesn’t spell loneliness. Not so much. I’ve mastered the alone […]

The Badoo Project Comes to NYC

Like many bloggers, I get a lot of emails asking me to check out new sites, pitch products, come to events and write about them. I don’t have time to even reply to most of it, much less play along. Plus, you know, if I actually wrote about all of the things these folks wanted […]

Taking It One Day (or Workout) at a Time with Gaiam TV

Earlier this week I wrote about not having any New Year’s Resolutions, because I reject that story. That a new year brings rebirth and renewal. Fake beginnings and endings. Here’s my story:  One day at a time. Life is what happens when you’re busy planning. And how you react to it. And all kinds of crazy […]

A Little Extra Happy in My Life

Some (ok..MANY) of my recent blog posts have been on the dark side. Full of sadness and frustration. Today is all about the happy. Tuesday I started to feel much, much better. And then Wednesday, I had the most beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my apartment by And that instantly put a smile […]

How About We Have Some Fun (Part Deux)

So remember when I gushed about the dating site and told you about my upcoming date? It was quick, easy, painless and I was totally looking forward to it! Well, the best laid plans… I’d met this guy on HowAboutWe and we quickly hit it off (he liked my date suggestion, I liked his, […]