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Let’s Talk Numbers

I like numbers.  I like goals and targets and benchmarks. Metrics – love them. Some numbers are, however, more useful than others.  Twitter followers, for example, can be a useful number. But not when taken in isolation.  Same with facebook fans. Let’s compare 3 twitter accounts: A – is following 2200 people and has 400 […]
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Apples, Oranges, Bananas and Pomegranates

There are a lot of social media consultants out here.  A lot. But here’s the thing, saying you’re a social media consultant doesn’t mean much more than saying you’re a writer.  It’s a vague generalization.  Not much more. I’m on my 4th (or 5th) career. I’ve been a teacher, trainer, nonprofit management professional, project manager […]
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Welcome to my new (NEW) business page.  Different from the old one, for sure. I’ve decided to go with a blog-based format, since that’s my thing. And really, if you’ve found your way here, you probably already know a bit about who I am and what I do. Got any questions, comments, thoughts you’d like […]
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