Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.


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   1.  First Kisses (and other fun stuff)
   2.  As Good a Time as Any
   3.  Mean, Lonely and Weird…But Free
   4.  Lower Standards
   5.  One Reason
   6.  The Longer I Wait…
   7.  The Middle Ages
   8.  Living with the Consequences
   9.  It’s Time
   10.  Deserve’s Got Nothing To With It
   11.  Wrong Tense
   12.  It’s an effective business strategy to NOT be an asshole.
   13.  Yes, I’m Really Excited About This
   14.  Second Adolescence
   15.  Just One
   16.  You should listen to this
   17.  Speaking of Perspective… Faking It
   18.  Perspective. Yeah That.
   19.  What If?
   20.  Why old men wear high-waisted pants
   21.  Simone Smash
   22.  I Won’t Work for Free (and neither should you)
   23.  Stuck. I Guess.
   24.  Child-Free
   25.  This is Not the Most Interesting Thing About Me
   26.  Got Dating Advice?
   27.  Older and Wiser
   28.  That “Amazing” First Date We Went On Kind of Sucked for Me
   29.  The Toe of the Elephant
   30.  So About Sex
   31.  You Are Not Alone (and other nice things people say)
   32.  I Blame Your Shitty Kids On Your Shitty Parenting
   33.  What You Don’t Know Can Kill You (and your relationships)
   34.  My Ex-Hookup T-Shirt Collection
   35.  How to Tell If a Guy Really Likes You
   36.  The time I may have gone out with a serial killer by Charlotte of My Pixie Blog
   37.  Making Yourself Beautiful Takes Way More Than Just a Shiny Coat of Paint
   38.  The true value of love?
   39.  There’s a Fine Line Between Smart and Ass
   40.  Dating With Disabilities – Supersmart Conversation
   41.  Trying to Create the Frankenstein Monster of Love
   42.  I Made a Girl Cry on the First Date
   43.  Sex, Lies & Dating… in a slightly sunnier city
   44.  Be Back When I’m Back
   45.  WTF Bad Date?
   46.  He’s Attractive BUT I’m Not Attracted to Him
   47.  Smoking Hawt! Vote for Your Faves at the Badoo Project.
   48.  I’m Not Dead Yet
   49.  Confirming My Suspicion Redux
   50.  The Badoo Project Comes to NYC

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