Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

The Right Answer

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before – I love eavesdropping. I mean, how can you not?  Real life is so much more interesting than fiction. Stranger and funnier and much more bizarre. Depending on your perspective, I guess. New York City is an awesome place for eavesdropping. Unlike other places, we’re out in the open […]

Smart Advice from People Who Know Their Sh*t (working title)

Still working on this title.  This one was a reader suggestion. As I mentioned last week, I actually have people who write to me and ask my advice. Which is kinda shocking, because I’d never ask my advice about anything. Believe me, I live in my head 24/7 and there’s all kind of scary things […]

Coming Soon…

So I had this great idea for a new feature, Advice from People I’d Take Advice From. Yeah, the name sucks.  I’m working on it.  But I think it’s a great idea.  You see, for whatever reason, I actually have people who email me and ask my advice. On actual dating and relationship stuff. Which […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about this, lately. I’m not saying that I wish that things turned out differently. I don’t. There’s not a single relationship that I look back on and think, If only... But, I do look back and think, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much energy on being angry. Which reminds […]

Blast from the Past – Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck – > There, I said it!

This has been a seriously week. So long, that I’m too tired to write the post that I’ve been thinking about writing. So, I thought now would be the perfect time to share one of my favorite posts from last summer. Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck – > There, I said it! I was chatting […]