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The Middle Ages

I am 42. Forty fucking two.  Sometimes I have to check myself, do the math. I was born in 1970 and it’s 2012 2013… so I must be 42. As unreal as that seems. I’ve been having MAJOR issues lately, re my age and aging.  Each trip to the bathroom is stressful, as I’m forced […]
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Odd Women Out

I love it when people send me links/suggestions for posts. It’s a big wide interwebz out there and I can’t possibly read all of it (hell, I can’t even keep up with my email). So when people send me smart ideas for posts, well, I’m in heaven. Earlier today I got a link from a […]

What is Age Appropriate?

So, a few weeks ago I was out with friends, at a bar, and I overheard a women (who was a good 10-15 years my junior) say that she didn’t think it was age appropriate for older women to be out drinking in bars, acting like they were still in their 20s. She was a […]

OMG, I Think I Have a Date Tonight With…

Sometime, somewhere in the last few days I heard someone talking about dating a person from work.  Or maybe it was something I read.  Anyway, it made me think of this story. It was the last time I went out with a man from work, although I still cringe when I think of it as […]

So, I’m Gonna Go There

Last week I mentioned how weird this was for me, trying to negotiate my new reality (gosh that sounds so dramatic).  My new reality = I’ve met a guy who I like and we’ve gone on a couple of dates and because I immediately knew he was the kind of person who’d get it/be cool […]
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