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Yet Another Way to Destroy a Relationship…Debt

Happy Labor Day Weekend folk.  And sorry, my non-American readers, you’re probably sick of hearing about it. I know you don’t get the whole Labor Day thing. There’s no real significance to the holiday anymore (seriously, as a nation we’re pretty damn hostile to labor) but it’s the 3-day weekend that traditionally marks the end […]


There was a time, back in the 70s, when my parents had a Memorial Day party every year.  It was their holiday.  All of the neighbors would come over for a barbeque.  One of the other neighbors had the 4th of July. And someone else had Labor Day, etc. They were basically block parties, I […]

Sex, Sex, Sex (again)

A couple of days ago I got a message from a twitter friend. He’d been listening to the radio and heard some sex stat that didn’t sound quite right to him and he was wondering where it might have come from. Well, I immediately sent him a link to the American Sex Survey, source of […]

This Can’t Be Right, Can It? (American Sex Survey)

So last week Tressugar referenced a statistic from the American Sex Survey that seemed utterly implausible to me, that only 34% of women thought about sex daily. She thought it seemed pretty dubious, too, and asked her readers to weigh in. I was intrigued and so I opened up the survey and started reading (at […]