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The time I may have gone out with a serial killer by Charlotte of My Pixie Blog

Please welcome Charlotte of My Pixie Blog as she shares an incredibly creepy story of the scariest man on Ladies, beware.  I feel guilty for a lot of things most people would probably not think twice about. Maybe I didn’t hold the door as long as I should have and then I curse myself for […]

I’d Rather Date a Man With a Bad Profile…

So, I’m a week or so into my most recent foray into online dating and I’ve been thinking about my theory of good daters vs daters. In short, some guys are great daters: fun, charming, sexy – but they suck at relationships. Others may be lousy on a first date, but deserve a second look […]

Anatomy of a Bad Date

I’ve been a little too overwhelmed with my life lately to keep up with my online dating stuff.  I know that someday soon I’m going to have to schedule a few hours to sit down and clear out the inboxes (Chemistry, especially, will take a lot of time). I’m not complaining.  It’s part of the […]

Is The Universe Trying to Tell Me Something?

So a few weeks(?) ago I got a message from some guy on OkCupid. He seemed smart, funny, cute and familiar. Like we’d met already. I couldn’t place him, though. So I replied to his message and said, straight out, You seem familiar, is it possible that we’ve met? A couple of days passed and […]

In My Inbox

The message sat in my inbox for over a week before I opened it.  I’d recognized the sender by his picture and was in no hurry to read what he had to say. We had one really bad date.  It must have been about 3 years ago because I was still at my old job, […]