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Speaking of The Fade???

So, yesterday, me and the other fab members of the Insomniac club explored the fade. Some of my fellow bloggers defended the fade as a legitimate way to peacefully end a relationship. Others were violently opposed to the practice. So here’s what I want to know – how do you feel about it?  Do you […]

Bloggers + Wine – What Could Go Wrong?

So, remember when I mentioned my new Radio Show? Well, we’ve survived the first few weeks without any major glitches. Minor glitches a plenty, but no major glitches. Last week’s show featured KB in NYC, Skye Blue from Met Another Frog and Jack from Brooklyn discussing love, sex, dating and technical difficulties (lots of technical difficulties). I […]

The Gift of Gab

My relationship with twitter has evolved over the last 2 years. I still love it, don’t get me wrong. I’m one of those weird people who goes out of her way to actually meet, IRL, the people she “meets” via social media. And I’ve met some really awesome people. But for the most part, lately, […]

In Case You’re Keeping Score

So about those 3 good-ish first dates last week. All 3 guys asked me out for second dates.  And I said yes to all 3. But then the plans fell through with one of them. We had concert tickets (Joao Gilberto at Carnegie Hall) but the show was cancelled. I declined his suggestion that we […]

But The Good News Is…

I have a date in a couple of hours (rescheduled from last week).  I know I have a strict policy against looking forward to first dates, but this is one I’m kinda looking forward to.  He definitely qualifies as interesting. Smart as hell.  A writer.  Theater and film.  Successful.  But so far he doesn’t seem […]
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