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It Gets Better

As some of you know, I’ve been fighting a thoroughly ridiculous cold for the past few days. It’s just a cold, but I have a crap immune system and so it always takes me days longer than a normal person to shake things and yes I’m drinking lots of juice, taking my vitamins and last […]

Sex Matters. A LOT!

I couldn’t sleep. Nothing new there. Hours had passed since I’d gone to bed during which time I’d listened to several podcasts (it’s what I usually do when I can’t sleep). At some point I got tired of podcasts and decided to get up and turn on the computer. And, of course, I checked twitter. […]

Speaking of GGG, On a Scale of 1-10…

In yesterday’s post I made reference to the phrase GGG and even joked about there being a GGG scale. I provided a link to the Urban Dictionary (my favorite reference source) so that folks who weren’t familiar with the phrase could get become so. But since GGG is the topic du jour: GGG stands for […]

"Single" Can Mean a Lot of Things

So yeah, I’m single and I date a lot.  Big whoop. Girls like me are a dime a dozen.  Guys, too. What I find more fascinating are people who don’t date. And I don’t mean fascinating in a judgmental way.  I mean honest to goodness – fascinating. The non-daters I’m thinking of seem to fall […]

With a Little Help From My Friends

I have something kinda sad and pathetic to admit.  I don’t read as many books as I used to.  I still read books.  But now that I’m completely tied into this whole blogosphere, twitter world I find myself spending so many damn hours reading online.   Each week I find at least a half dozen more […]
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