Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Welcome back everyone. Damn, it was nice having a few days off! I spent one of those days hanging out with a girlfriend. And, in addition to drinking beer, eating yummy fried food and watching football (that’s what lazy Sundays are made for, am I right?) we chatted a bit about recent dating dysfunction. She […]


So, a not so funny thing happened to me on a date this weekend.  It was a second date with this guy. We were talking. Having a really nice conversation. And all of sudden my eyes welled up with tears. I worked hard to fight them back, so maybe he didn’t notice. If he did […]

It is Kinda Funny…

Two and 1/2 weeks in and I can safely say that my relationship with my new apartment may just be my most fucked up relationship ever. I had a little meltdown on Friday.  BTW, I really do appreciate the kind notes, tweets, etc.  Please understand that when I close the comments, it’s about my need […]

Happy Monday

I am so tired.  Tired and achy and desperately wishing I could’ve just stayed in bed this morning.  And I had an insanely stressful Sunday, dealing with really hard family/personal stuff. But besides all that I’m in a pretty good mood.  This is the first week in over a month that I’m not wondering about […]
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Is This The Good Part? I Can’t Remember

I had to head out of town yesterday, just a couple of hours after Mr. Potential left my apartment. We texted during the day yesterday (after he woke up from a several hour, much deserved, nap) and then again today. Today he asked , via text, if he would see me later this week and […]
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