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Do You Check Out The Ex?

You know how some topics just seem to keep coming up? Over and over. Well lately it seems like wherever I look, people are talking about their partner’s ex.  Specifically they’re facebook stalking the exes, or obsessing about the ex in some other way. I gotta say, I find this BIZARRE. Not in a judgy […]
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You Can Live Without Me

Fun fact: I’ve dated, not one, but two men with active stalkers. Now, before I get too deeply into this, let me give my standard aside/backpedal.  There are hundreds, probably thousands of perfectly normal, decent people with stalkers.  Stalkers are emotionally imbalanced people.  People with stalkers are victims. That said, I’ve come to believe that […]
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More Games or Is This the Real Law of Attraction?

Last night was another Twitter girls night out.  Me, Lostplum, @meghanberes, and @damiella all met up for lychee martinis down on the LES (Lower East Side for out-of-towners).   As we were getting ready to leave I checked my iphone and saw this message: “I wanted to say that you looked really nice today! And I […]

Aw Hell, I’m Just Going to Tell You the Story. Screw the Consequences.

So last night started out with a quick, cheap, yummy local working dinner with Lostplum (I am blessed to live within 5 blocks of a dozen amazing, low-price restaurants and so don’t feel too guilty about going every once and while – even though I probably should). We are now officially “working together”. More news […]

Do You Recycle Sex?

I have a new favorite phrase:  recycled sex.  Lots of us have had it.  It’s ex-sex, aka sex with someone you used to be in a relationship with. Like most things related to sex, people have very strong feelings about this.  Some people think it’s OK, some don’t.  I fall somewhere in between. My views […]
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