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Why a Man Needs to Open his Heart AND Mouth

Today’s post is from Jeffrey Platts, a dating coach who is passionate about helping men and women connect more deeply and authentically, both in life and in love. Jeffrey blends the practical with the spiritual, sharing his own insights from real life adventures in love, dating, and as a lifelong student of spirituality, psychology and […]

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

As a recent post in Metanotherfrog reminded me, some kisses are more memorable than others. This is a story of a memorable kiss. I was with a guy, kissing. Well, we were doing more than kissing. All of a sudden I felt him biting my tongue. BITING. My tongue. Not playfully nibbling. Biting. Now, before […]

It’s Game Time

I’m just full of surprises.  This week we have a second/bonus guest post from Blair Hickman (a chick, it’s shocking), one of my buddies over at Ignighter. Frequent readers of this blog should be amused by the topic. “At Avenue this weekend, one of those lounges without a name on the door that coddles mainly […]
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Do As I Say…

A few weeks ago I wrote an article for TSBmag called From Girl to Girlfriend – Making it Happen. I’m no dating expert, but I’ve certainly dated enough guys and had enough boyfriends to be able to write coherently about that stuff.  That’s what I thought, at least. This morning, as I was trying to […]
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