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A Better Life = The Greatest Gift

So I have a couple short stories for you, one of which is holiday-ish. And they both are kinda related to one another. Please bear with me. 1) One of the few things I like about the holidays is that it gives us all an excuse to reconnect with people we don’t speak to nearly […]

My Gift to You – Best Breakup Songs (Finally!)

Happy Belated Chrismukkah. Does anyone remember waaay back in February when I had that, “Valentine’s Day is OVER” Giveaway contest and everyone wrote in with their favorite breakup song(s)? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well, I promised to create a playlist with everyone’s fabulous contest entries. It’s 10 months late, but I finally got around […]

I Will Be Lonely for the Holidays. And It Won’t Kill Me.

Eight days til Xmas and I’m already suffering from Holiday burnout. I’m not talking about the kind of burnout that comes from too much shopping or too many holiday parties. As usual, I’ve kept all of that to a minimum. Truth is, I’m just not much of a “holiday” person. No, I’m suffering from media-related […]

Lose the Guy, Keep the Jewelry

Random: It comes up quite often – my complete inability to accessorize. I’ve never really been able to pull it off. Back when my career was very corporate-y, I had a (friendly, trying to be helpful) colleague tell me that I’d look more professional AND feminine if I wore jewelry. So I went out and […]

That Teenage Feeling

Not a real post today. Doing the whole holiday weekend/day off thing. I was riding the train home from Thanksgiving dinner last night and this song came on. It’s been a long-time fave. For whatever reason, I decided I wanted to share. Tags: holidays, song
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