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Just One

It’s one of those things I do that make me cringe. I know it’s wrong. A horrible habit. A betrayal of everything I believe in. And yet it’s so deeply ingrained in my feeble little brain… When dining out alone, which I do pretty regularly, I can’t help but have the same conversation over and […]

What’s Your Noise Tolerance?

I’ve written a lot about being single, and a lot about loneliness, but one thing I’ve never written about noise. I hate noise. I grew up with a lot of noise.  I come from a very noisy family.  Lots of screaming and yelling and fighting.  Not just when people were genuinely mad/upset.  All of the […]

Loneliness Bites

Thank you so much to everyone for your thoughtful and supportive comments regarding my “Blog Policy” post, here, on Twitter and via direct messaging.  I appreciate them.  I also appreciate the messages of the WTF? variety.  I know that I included a lot of info in that last post.  It was long, and could have […]
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