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Dating With Disabilities – Supersmart Conversation

First  – Thank you Thank you Thank you to Dennis for hanging out here and sharing his amazing stories with everyone. I’ve been reading (RSS y’all) and loving them. And resting and trying to take care of myself. Doing what I need to do and shit. I just wanted to poke my head in to […]

Heaven Knows I’m Not Miserable Now

Yesterday. I was sitting on my sofa reading. And then I got up to get something to drink. I paused as I walked back to my seat. It was the middle of the afternoon and pale winter sunlight was streaming in. Something about the quality of the light made me stop and really look around. […]

Inappropriate Funk

So I’ve been in an inappropriate funk for the past few days. And I can’t seem to completely snap myself out of it. I’ve tried to stay laser focused on work. And that’s helped a bit. But there’s a sadness hiding behind the busy-ness. I found out, on facebook, that someone who used to be […]

So Your Friend is Cheating…

First off, I’m kinda back. Thanks so much to my amazing friends (especially Jack)who stepped in to keep the blog running while I took a few days off.  I’ll do my best to keep things more or less normal around here from now on, but no promises. All I can do is my best. So, […]

An Email to a Friend

I was exchanging emails last night with a friend. Someone who, like me, tends to be a little hard on herself. Which is ridiculous because she’s an amazing person and a wonderful writer. Both she and I have been down on ourselves lately because we haven’t accomplished everything we thought we would. You know, when […]
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