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Silly Questions/Silly Answers

Life is full of silly questions. And even sillier answers. Take this one, for instance: Now, for those of you who don’t speak twitter, let me translate. It was Friday, and on Fridays, some people like to give their friends shout outs (called #FF, which means “follow friday”, or literally = you should follow this […]


Earlier today I was casually lurking on Twitter, yes I lurk sometimes.  Usually when I’m drinking my coffee/reading the morning paper or watching something I like on TV (or stuff like that).  I’ll have my laptop open with Tweetdeck open and I’ll occasionally take a look at it to see if anything catches my eye.  […]
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It Never Hurts To Ask

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I read a LOT of blogs.  Some that you probably wouldn’t imagine I’d be a fan of. I was laughing my ass off yesterday as I read this post in Very Smart Brothas – How To Answer Questions So That I’ll Never Call You. The gentlemen at VSB […]
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