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Speaking of Sex Toys…

Seriously, these things just show up in my inbox. And this was just too, wow, not to share. My longtime readers know I’m a total data geek. So much fun info: 20% of adults report indulging in kinky play; 20% of men report using vibrators; Alaska buys the most sex toys per capita…  Sarah Palin […]

He Planned to Stay the Night, but Didn’t Bring a Toothbrush

Human Beings are odd creatures. They are. We are. I saw the Sunday Boy, aka The Younger Man, this weekend.  On Sunday (go figure). We mixed it up a bit. Instead of my heading out to his ‘hood and then us going out to dinner (our norm), he came over to my place and we […]

It’s Not About Sex

The other night, while was lying in bed, I suddenly realized that what I miss, more than anything, is spending the whole night tangled up with someone. Held. Knowing that just hours away there was more sex to come. It’s not the sex I miss.  To tell the truth, I’ve been having sex pretty regularly, […]

Do You Spend the Night?

A long, long time ago I remember having a conversation with a friend.  I honestly can’t remember who I was talking to, but I remember what we both said. She, “I fuck who I want to fuck. I don’t get into this whole boyfriend thing.” Now mind you, this was way back in the 90s, […]

He’s Kinky, She’s Vanilla – Is the Relationship Doomed? (with thanks to Em & Lo)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Em & Lo is one of my favorite sex, dating & relationships sites.  Well last week they ran this letter in their Your Call section. Dear Em & Lo, I recently started dating a wonderful man. He’s smart, and interesting, and handsome and the sex has been delightful. But […]