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The Modern-Day Stepford Wives?

First, a lesson:  never blog when you’re too tired to read. Baaaad idea. Please accept my apologies and this, my revised post/poll for today: So early last night I decided to turn on the TV, something I don’t often do unless there’s something specific I want to watch. I’m not sure what possessed me. The […]

When I Started to Feel ?

That title originally read, “When I Started to Feel Sexy” but I didn’t want to give people the wrong idea. This is just a short post about me and getting older. And being cool, better than cool, with getting older. Yesterday, I retweeted an article from YourTango about why women should look forward to getting […]


It was yesterday, I think.  I was cruising past my twitter stream and I saw a conversation in progress.  Jack from Brooklyn was saying something (smart) about the fact  that decent/real men shouldn’t need to make their women feel insecure.  That a strong man would be making the woman in his life feel strong. At […]

My Date With the Very, Very Nice Man

“Back from my early date. He was a very, very nice man. A good guy. And cute. I wish I knew a very, very nice women to introduce him to.” I tweeted that last night, shortly after I got home from my date.  Just to be crystal clear, it was a perfectly fine date.  I […]

The Crazy Bitch in the Mirror

I’ll admit it. I’ve been that crazy girlfriend. You know, the one who calls and leaves a few too many voicemails (and texts and emails). Who asks, in a peak of frenzy, “why haven’t you called me back” in her 10th message of the day. The batshit crazy girlfriend, like the one we all laughed […]
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