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First, a little Twitter lesson: People use hashtags to spread and organize information on Twitter.  For everything you ever needed to know about this topic click here. On Twitter there is an ever-present list of trending topics.  Those are the words (denoted by hashtags) that are being used most often in the twitter community.  People […]
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More Games or Is This the Real Law of Attraction?

Last night was another Twitter girls night out.  Me, Lostplum, @meghanberes, and @damiella all met up for lychee martinis down on the LES (Lower East Side for out-of-towners).   As we were getting ready to leave I checked my iphone and saw this message: “I wanted to say that you looked really nice today! And I […]

Shhhh. They’ll Hear You.

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter (What’s wrong with you, why aren’t you on twitter? and why aren’t you following ME?) please allow me to apologize in advance.  I’ve been venting all morning. In the last 24 hours my life has turned into a demonstration of Murphy’s Law, with no end […]

…And he’s an arse

@singlegirlie:  Keep thinking about this guy I dated who was the best sex of my life. He’s in San Fran now with a girlfriend, though. And he’s an arse. @SimoneGrant: The arses are always great in bed. Life is cruel. @DatingChronicle:  RT @SimoneGrant @singlegirlie The arses are always great in bed. Life is cruel. <all […]
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He’s Not Stupid – You’re Really Pretty

Have I mentioned recently how much I love Twitter? Seriously, I can barely remember what my life was like before Twitter entered the picture. One of my Twitter friends sent me a link to this story in the Telegraph about a new study that shows how talking to a pretty woman really can make a […]
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