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A Twitter Romance

Not every story can be a happy a happy one.  This week’s Guy’s Story is one of the unhappy ones. “I don’t date on-line. Nothing against those who do, I respect the medium, but just nothing I have ever needed to do. Started out as an innocent tweet to a young lady having troubles with […]
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The Dow is Down, Wanna Go Steady?

Yesterday morning my dear Twitter buddy @Willingthrall alerted me to an article from YahooNews called, Downturn dating: Hearts flutter as markets stutter. I always find pieces like this amusing.  They’re such a mixture of fact and BS.  There are some hard facts behind the title.  Our crappy economy has created record profits for the online […]
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There’s this guy I first met online over a month ago. We exchanged several messages and he seemed like someone I might like.  Then he disappeared (Completely.  He hid his profile.  I figured he met someone.).  And then, over the weekend, I got a new message from him.  He apologized for disappearing so abruptly and […]
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While We’re On the Topic of Bad Sex

Yesterday, just moments after I posted, I turned my attention to Twitter (what a surprise) and found myself in the middle of a debate.*  Well, maybe debate is too lofty a term.  Someone, I’m not sure who (sorry, I’m just too busy to dig through tweets today, maybe someone can give us the info in […]
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This is going to be posted on Thursday morning, using the little timer system they have.  I’m writing it on Wednesday.  I have a date tonight with The European.  We’re seeing a movie and then going out for drinks after that.  And well, I’ve scheduled time this afternoon to clean my apartment.  Ahem. So, I […]
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