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Just So We’re Clear

Some of you know some of this already.  I haven’t tried to hide it.  But I didn’t want anyone making any false assumptions about me or my motives. I have a new job or two.  Well, kind of, in the way that people out here in the blogosphere/twitterverse sometimes get paid to write for other […]
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Keep Seeing This (Are Open Marriages on the Rise?)

I haven’t kept a count, but I’m gonna guess that in the last 7 days I’ve seen at least 5 references (on blogs and on Twitter) to single women getting asked out by or going out on dates with married men (who then disclosed on the date that they were married). I’m of two minds […]
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Earlier today I was casually lurking on Twitter, yes I lurk sometimes.  Usually when I’m drinking my coffee/reading the morning paper or watching something I like on TV (or stuff like that).  I’ll have my laptop open with Tweetdeck open and I’ll occasionally take a look at it to see if anything catches my eye.  […]
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I Take Requests

It’s pretty easy for readers to get in contact with me.  I have my Facebook and Twitter info right over there on the top right corner of the blog.  Plus OnSugar has a pretty great private messaging system.  Or you can just send me an email.  I’ve posted my email here on the site several […]
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Lists *sigh*

I get why people post lists.  They’re easy to write, don’t require much thought and they have a better liklihood of getting dugg or retweeted than a normal post.  They’re the pop songs of the blogger world. Here’s the thing about lists that I really hate – it’s a format that tends to breed laziness in writers.  […]
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