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A Picture is Worth…

A friend sent me a picture of myself, dancing with dear mutual friend of ours, from a long ago party.  It was so thoughtful of her, as it brought back such sweet memories.  But my first reaction was to cringe.  I look dreadful.  Beyond dreadful.  Hideous.  I almost always do in photographs.  I’m really unphotogenic. I […]

Enough About Sex, Already

I think I’ve blogged more about sex in the last few days than I have in the last few months prior.  I think it’s time for me to abruptly change the topic. Here’s what the rest of my week looks like: I have my second date tonight with The GrownUp.  We’re meeting for drinks at […]
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Resolution (in my mind)

I was doing some hard core wallowing earlier today.  Sadly I felt the need to share my feeling with the folks on Twitter, which somehow made it worse. What should have been a passing feeling turned into a long, drawn out evaluation of what I was feeling and why. I’d made the mistake of checking […]
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Go Outside

My brain is a bit like a slot machine.  I have all of these random, moving parts in there and every once in a while they all line up and bingo, fruit – fruit – fruit, we have a match.  I have a coherent thought made from three otherwise disparate bits of information (hey, either […]

Dead to Me

This is going to be one of those long and twisty posts with lots of links.  I’m warning you now.  I promise you that there is a point (or two). I’ve become quite fond of Twitter.  I think I’ve mentioned that before. This morning @onedatewonder alerted her followers that she’d posted something new on her […]